The European Union of contractors of plastering, dry lining, stucco and related activities UEEP

The UEEP (European Union of Contractors for Plastering, Dry Lining, Stucco and Related Activities was founded in Strasbourg on 26 November 1953 by the national plasterers and stucco associations of Germany, France, Netherlands and Switzerland.

Today, the following national plastering and dry lining associations are members of the UEEP:

Bundesinnung der Bauhilfsgewerbe von Österreich, Vienna, joined in 1967
Bundesverband für Ausbau und Fassade von Deutschland im ZDB, Berlin, joined in 1953
UMPI Union des Métiers du Plâtre et de l’Isolation, Paris Cedex, joined in 1953
FPDC Federation of Plastering and Drywall Contractors of England, London, joined in 1979
UNEP Belgique, Union des Métiers du Plâtre, Office Bruxelles, joined in 1956/1987
Fédération des Patrons Plafonneurs et Façadiers du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, Luxembourg, joined in 2005
NOA, Veenendaal. Joined in 1953 and as NOA in 1983
Plastering Contractors Association of Ireland Dublin, joined in 1994
Schweizerischer Maler- und Gipserunternehmer-Verband, Wallisellen/Zürich, joined in 1953

The UEEP has been a member of the UEAPME, the European Association of Small and Medium Enterprises in Brussels since January 2008.

Further national or, if appropriate, regional associations from the plastering, stucco and dry lining industry may join the UEEP at any time. Registration forms can be obtained from info@noa.nl